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Want to see how Roche Europe are transforming? 

We talk with Roche Europe's Chief Transformation Manager Kostas Keflakis about their transition to autonomous teams through a change in organisation structure and leadership behaviour.

Virtual event: 14 September 2023 from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Join us to see a true organisational transformation: their transition to autonomous teams through a change in organisation structure and leadership behaviour.
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About Kostas

Kostas is a Transformation leader with 18 years of international experience leading teams, coaching managers and creating strategies with leaders to boost growth, effectiveness and engagement. He has worked across 4 continents and 4 different sectors from automotive, printing, construction and pharmaceutical. He has a proven record of driving global cultural transformation towards enterprise excellence towards a Lean & Agile mindset. Kostas worked in Toyota, Vistaprint, Hilti and now Roche as Chief Transformation Officer. He has also been a guest lecturer in 3 renowned universities from ETH in Zurich, IMD in Lausanne and Lancaster university in the UK. He has written articles on driving the right culture and a speaker in a podcast about enterprise excellence.

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Details of the event

It is great to be bringing you this event. Mr Kostas Keflakis the Transformation Manager for Roche Europe has offered to attend and share their journey to create greater Agility, Culture and Performance in their organisation. 


Kostas has been on the Enterprise Excellence Podcast before, back when he was heading up Transformation at Hilti, another great Excellence Journey. I recommend listening to this episode as pre work, you will find it on Youtube or any Podcast App. Just type in Enterprise Excellence Podcast Kostas Keflakis.


This will be our first hour as a community talking and seeing an organisation out of Europe which is very exciting. Roche are an amazing organisation that is continuing to not sit still and move forward and create a better future. 


Please think of questions for Kostas leading up to this event, I will ask you at the start of the meeting to log these into chat to allow us to get the ball rolling. 


Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you online.


Talk soon,


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