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In House Learning Your Way – Certified Globally

Build Organisational Agility and Capability using your own learning system that will be globally certifed.

Virtual event: Roundtable discussion on how to implement In House Learning Your Wya.
Thursday 30 May, 2024 at 4pm - 5pm AEDT.


The Enterprise Excellence Academy has developed a globally certified "learning your way" approach in Partnership with the Agile Education Program (USA) and Lean Competency System (LCS), a Cardiff University Licenses Company (UK).


We understand the importance of Leaders being Trainers and Coaches to gain sustainability and grow results of any organisation's excellence journey.


Leaders and company experts who lead training, learning and development become masters in their own right. This enables them to own the development of their people and support their confidence and capability in coaching team members to bridge the knowing-doing gap, putting learning into action and forming new and improved habits.


Traditionally, the challenge with in-house learning systems has been the lack of globally recognised certification that many employees value and seek. The Enterprise Excellence Academy has worked to solve this challenge by enabling certified in-house learning in Agile, Lean Six Sigma, and Leadership.


We have established this capability with two leading global organisations:

  • Agile Education Program, covering all Agile learning

  • LCS which covers Lean Six Sigma courses and certifications.


The Agile Education Program is the training organisation owned and backed by the founder of Agile/Scrum, Dr Jeff Sutherland. Jeff established the Agile Education Program to sustain excellence in Agile education and competence formation globally.


LCS, a Cardiff University-licensed company, was initially established by Dr Peter Hines and Dan Jones (Authors of Lean Thinking) to foster the development of sustainable Lean competencies globally. LCS is the global centre for Lean Six Sigma competence and certification.


We have been able to establish with both organisations an approach for organisations to become accredited to self-train and certify their people.


This will foster organisations to build In-house Agile, Lean Six Sigma and Leadership training aligned to their culture and their ways. It can be delivered by or in partnership with their leaders, while still providing the best global certification for their employees.

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