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What is the future of building organisational competency?

How can we create a unique approach to support capability growth that delivers results in our organisations?

We are hearing that capability build in
Leadership, Project Management, Sales, Agile & 
Lean Six Sigma is critical to future growth and stability in organisations.


WHY? What's the problem?

Only 23% of the global workforce is engaged.

(Gallup, 2023)


What's the 



The largest result of engaging

front-line teams in a focused structure is the productivity improvements achieved in best practice project execution, which can increase productivity by over 10X. (Sutherland, 2019).

Organisations with cultures of constant learning and capability build are focused on customers and their teams, and easily outperform the rest. 
The statistics are not good, but the question is, what are the main contributing factors to employee engagement at work?

70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager.

(Gallup, 2023). 

Employees are asking:

Do you lead me with respect? Do you help me grow and improve towards aligned goals? 
Leaders are crucial to employee learning. 

Unfortunately, outsourcing training disempowers leaders and reduces their ownership over their employees' ongoing development and growth.  

Are you involved in or reliant upon effective employee talent and training?

Join us to share your knowledge and gain insights from peers across Australia in our virtual meeting of minds in
May 2024.

Current State

Most organisations see building the capability of their leaders and people as paramount to future success. Companies are spending money on training, lots of it. The critical factor is what capability it is building and how does it transfer into individual and organisational outcomes?  The challenge is that there are very few positive transfers back into the workplace.

Why? What's the root cause?

Does learning and building capability require more than gaining initial awareness via a training course? Does it requires us to sustain motivation to embed learning, repeatedly practice new skills to form new habits and gain recognition and reward for our efforts? 

Who can help bridge the knowing doing gap? Who can help a team member apply what they have learned?

If we think about the Gallup stats, it will be more than likely be their leaders. 

The challenge is that, in many cases, training is delivered by external consultants rather than by colleagues or leaders. Leaders, therefore, have no opportunity to master the topic or feel uncomfortable coaching and supporting others to build capability.


What is the 

Future State?



Nadia Golenkova

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Head of Talent & Learning

with Tradelink

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Join Brad Jeavons, together with Professionals -

Dr Morgan Jones, and Nadia Golenkova, to discuss the future of learning and growing competency in your organisation. 


Author, Podcast host, Creator of Enterprise Excellence Academy

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Dr Morgan Jones

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Global Practice Lead – BHP Operating System, CoE

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The Discussion

How can we create our own unique approach to support the growth of capability in our organisations? 

An exclusive virtual Future State Discussion on
Thursday 30.5.24 (30 May, 2024)

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