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Revolutionise the way that you engage customers with value and delight.

Sales teams are becoming disrupted by technology and the differentiated experiences marketing teams are providing for their customers online using Agile techniques. Sales organisations have been looking for way's to avoid disruption and get back into the game with value. Sales teams are now beginning to adopt Agile, which is enabling these teams to revolutionise the way they engage customers with value and delightful experiences that result in greater value for the customers and themselves.

This book outlines how sales teams, managers and professionals can use Agile techniques to develop a culture of innovation focused on their customers. The reader will explore the customer’s buying journey, and learn practical tips and tricks that have come from Agile deployments within sales functions to amplify customer experiance and sales performance.

Agile Sales is an enjoyable read, and you will experience delight from the many stories told and case studies provided. You will learn about a proven philosophy and techniques that will help to avoid disruption, elevate customer experiance, and sales team success. 

Training and consulting are available both online and face-to-face that will amplify your implementation of a successful sales campaign in your business.

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