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Enterprise Excellence Align Your Organisation
Enterprise Excellence
Enterprise Excellence Align Your Organisation
Enterprise Excellence
Enterprise Excellence Engage & Lead Excellence
Enterprise Excellence
Engage and Lead Excellence

Our Clients Say

Daniel Pirrone

Brad has been a leading voice in the organisational excellence space for years, and having the opportunity post-COVID to complete his accredited Agile High Performance Teams course has been a boon. With staffing an increasing constraint as businesses grapple with increased demand through unfamiliar channels; across industries, organisations are striving for capability and automomy improvements in order to keep up. The Agile High Performance Teams course allowed personalised workshopping of real time issues facing attendees and their teams, and is structured to provide the theory & frameworks, then immediately apply this, workshopping current business concerns. Walking away from the course with not only dual Scrum Master/Product Owner certification, but also having developed a solution roadmap to implement allows improvements to cascade immediately. By working with a cohort from multiple disciplines and across numerous disparate industries, the course platform allows a breadth of approaches to be shared and refined. 

Whether it be improving operational excellence, sales mastery or delighting customers; organisational leaders will benefit significantly from attending the Agile High Performance Teams course.

Daniel Pirrone, State Sales Manager of Opal

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