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Leaders Helping Leaders Create A Better Future.

The Enterprise Excellence Community brings together our best locally & globally to gain insights, learn  &  help  each  other  to  create a better  future.​

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A monthly virtual community meeting brings our global best practice site and experts to our screens for a virtual Gemba. We ask our guests about their journey, why they did it, their challenges, and how they overcame them. We go for a virtual Gemba walk to see their journey and achievements. The hour-long event concludes with question time, where we can get further under the hood of what we saw to understand it more deeply and take away learnings to help our organisations.



The community meets nationwide at one of our sites to see what they have achieved, share our challenges and successes and have a few drinks. In some cases, not all members can attend local site visits, depending on competitive situations between members.



The library includes resources and videos, accessible anytime to help your organisation.



This event will bring us all together for a few days to network and learn from each other and our global experts and best-performing organisations. This event will allow us to network, challenge each other and learn together with our worlds experts.


  • Short and sharp meetings

  • Interaction with leading experts

  • Build a network of like-minded colleagues 

  • Exclusive content & offers

  • Join us for site visits and drinks at sites

  • Virtual Gemba with our Worlds Best!

Community Benefits
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Event Calendar

2024 Event Calendar

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Our members & testimonials

Our members & testimonials

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"What a great format to keep me moving forward on my enterprise excellence journey.  Listening to world-leading experts and discussing the topics with like-minded individuals is just what I need each month to keep me motivated and inspired!"

Russell Warner, Strategic Partnerships Manager - ETS Infrastructure Management

"It's been great to be part of the Enterprise Excellence Forum.  A combination of high-end content, interesting people from multiple industries, and some good networking opportunities.    And the podcasts are a fantastic resource - also with high impact content.   Looking forward to future events."

Gareth Brown, General Manager - Lean, Graincorp.

Gareth Brown.jpeg

"I am really enjoying being part of this Community. To be able to regularly engage with some of the world’s finest thought leaders and collaborate with other passionate Improvement Professionals is really adding value to my day-to-day and beyond. Lots of great practical knowledge and skill-building opportunities. I highly recommend you get involved!”

Andy Olrich

Continuous Improvement & Innovation Lead | Strategy & Engagement Hunter Water Corporation

"If you have spent any notable time trying to make your organisational community stronger for tomorrow through Enterprise Excellence, you probably know it can be like swimming upstream. Sometimes the current seems to overpower all your efforts to progress, and then other times a burst of success seems to flow.  It is a daunting and thankless pursuit. Often one can and will feel alone in the quest, questioning “is the squeeze worth the juice?”. Not only has the Enterprise Academy reinforced the system side of this pursuit for me, the community element has been a wonderful missing part to the journey.

I have found others who are just as committed to pursue excellence and in them found inspiration and the knowledge that we are all going through this together. With the world class experts sharing their time and wisdom, the swim is much more enjoyable and seems more achievable. Thanks to Brad and Em for driving this most valuable initiative".

Andy Hecke, Technical Operations Manager, Matthews.

Andy Hecke.jpeg

Enterprise Excellence Community

Ready to join us?

  • Annual Community Membership

    Every year
    Leaders helping leaders in excellence improvement and creating a better future.
     30 day free trial
    • Opportunity to attend all virtual events in the year.
    • Opportunity to attend all face-to-face events in the year.
    • Learn from and support each other in your Excellence journey
    • Exclusive access to all past guest recordings & resources.
    • Billing is annual.
    • GST will be added upon checkout.
    • Plan can be cancelled by you at any stage.
  • Quarterly Community Membership

    Every 3 months
    Leaders helping leaders in excellence improvement and creating a better future.
    • Opportunity to attend all virtual events in the quarter.
    • Opportunity to attend all networking events in the quarter.
    • Learn from and support each other in your Excellence journey
    • Exclusive access to all past guest recordings & resources.
    • Billing is automatic, every three months.
    • Plan can be cancelled by you at any stage.
    • GST will be added upon checkout.

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Thanks so much for considering our Enterprise Excellence Community. If we can help any further, please reach out to us via the contact us page, or links below.

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