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#83 Milan Gajic, 4S+1 in Toyota and BHP.

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Welcome to Episode 83 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. It is such a pleasure to have Mr Milan Gajic on the show today. Milan worked at Toyota for over 20 years. He is a global Toyota Production Systems assessor and achieved the gold standard within his Toyota plant. Today, we will discuss one of Milan's critical systems and focus areas throughout his career at Toyota: 4 S plus one. Let's get into the episode.

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Two Minute Tip

34:37min I always call that 5S training. And so that's crucial that employees at all levels of an organisation must receive adequate training in 5S for the system to be effective, including upper management, supervisory, maintenance staff, employees on the floor. In 5S, everyone is responsible for doing their part to maintain the system and be secure in the workplace where people understand the thinking behind 5S, not just the steps and tasks they must perform. So, 5S training should explain the pillars of 5S in the application in the workplace and how does the 5S fit in the company goals. And again, it's very important for each role, and each person will play a role in maintaining an effective 5S work. Really simple work. Everyone gets involved, from the director to the shop floor people.

Key Takeaways

1. Onboarding and developing team member skills and capabilities.

The first key takeaway for me came from the conversation with Milan regarding the onboarding approach at Toyota using a dojo or training practice room before a new employee starts working in the factory coaching and mentoring ongoing from direct and senior leaders to improve team member skills. Without this onboarding and ongoing team member capability development, employees and work areas will change skills will reduce and a five s journey will falter.

2. Everyone's role in sustaining and improving 5S.

The second key takeaway for me is everyone's role in sustaining and improving a five s journey. Milan mentioned training, coaching and development support from all leaders. He also said the systematic GEMBA walk rhythm that included the director, management, superintendent and supervisors, the volume of walks and reviews altered depending on the level of seniority. But ultimately, everyone had a systematic part to play in going to work values creating the company reviewing, learning, reflecting and taking action to improve respectfully. What a fantastic episode.


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