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Nick Foy - Capturing knowledge using tech.

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Welcome to episode 114 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. It is such a pleasure to have Mr Nick Foy on the show with us today. Nick is the founder, CEO and Chief Evangelist of Silverdale Tech, and is a process improvement and technology guru that is focused on helping everyone achieve results. Today we'll be discussing capturing knowledge across a whole organisation. Let's get into the episode.

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Two Minute Tip

Nick, what would be your two-minute tip in this area of expertise we're talking about mate? Which I've loved because I've seen it so much throughout my career. But what would be your two-minute tip for listeners?

Ah, it really, its mechanisms. Think about everything in terms of mechanism. Is there a mechanism that's going to back this up? So again, be clear about, is there a process? Is there a tool? Is there adoption? And is there an audit? If you don't have any one of those four things, do not be surprised that something doesn't stick or doesn't work or doesn't happen.

Okay? And, you've got to identify that the lack of mechanism very quickly, you've got to arrest it very quickly. You've got to say, Hey, do we have a mechanism for this? Or are we just making ourselves feel better for a while? And if it's the latter, and that's what we all agree, Hey, we're just saying this 'cause it's gonna make us feel better. Hey? Great. Okay, we're all going to feel better for 10 minutes. That's fine, right? If that's exactly what we're doing.

But in business, that's not really what we're here for. So, you know, challenging each other, what's the mechanism to make sure this happens? Right? Just asking them that very simple question. Do we have a mechanism? Or is this going to make us feel better? And then it just makes people think, you know, you know, we don't have a mechanism? Okay. What's the process? Do we have a process? Okay? Yes, no? Okay. Do we have a tool? Is the tool working? Right?

Again, a tool doesn't have to be a system you've got to spend 1000s of dollars on, right? Just get a whiteboard, right? And a great whiteboard marker okay? Just start there, right? It doesn't have to be elaborate.

Do we have adoption of people? Did people know how to do it? Have they been trained on how to do it and have the tools and the access to do it? And do they want to do it? Right? Do you have adoption? And do you have an audit to make sure it stays in place? So really focusing on the mechanism, rather than just making yourself feel better?

Yeah, that's awesome Nick. Thanks so much, mate.

Key Takeaways

1. Process, tool, adoption, audit.

Nick described a great approach to think about sustainability of a system. In a way it is apply PDCA over critical processes and systems. Plan the process, tool and adoption approach you want for a system, implement a pilot or the whole system, instigate the monitoring or review system and act based on what you find each time you conduct the audit. Every business or team has a number of critical processes or systems. This thinking really allows you to ensure they work now and ongoing.

2. Using technology to enable people and process.

Technology is amazing especially when it is focused on enabling people and process. If you engage your people, work with them to understand their critical processes. Then delve into what they could be and the technologies that could enable this you will have a strong foundation for success with technology deployment. People, process, technology thinking rather than getting excited about a technology and then trying to think how to apply it to process and get people on board.


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