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About us

Our Mission is  

"Helping Organisations reach their potential for People, profit and the planet"

Brad Jeavons

Principal Consultant

Over the past 20 years, Brad has accumulated extensive experience in leadership, sales, manufacturing, logistics, and consulting. He has worked with leading organisations across a broad range of industries such as retail, transport, technology, automotive, food & beverage, health, finance, and many more.  


Brad’s passion for helping people led him to become a writer. There is no more powerful way to share knowledge and experience. Brad’s wide range of expertise has combined to provide unique insights and knowledge towards achieving organisational excellence. His first book, “Agile Sales,” has been developed from his experience in operational and sales excellence. Brad for many years, had seen salespeople becoming disrupted by technology such as online stores and knowledge sharing systems. His book Agile Sales, provides salespeople and organizations approaches to build agility and start delivering value to customers again. 


Brad believes that successful organisational transformation requires more than just improvement to process and tools. It also requires a strong focus on leadership, behavior, and culture to sustain. 

Emily Jeavons

Editor, graphics and knowledge development adviser.

Emily is an editor, graphics and knowledge development adviser. Most recently, Emily has edited "Agile Sales", taking the book from the beginning thoughts, structuring the flow, and editing the text through to the final proof stage. Emily also consults to SA Partners through developing their training resources and materials. 

Emily believes in the power of the written and visual word and has a passion for creating informative and accessible training materials that can help the people in an organisation learn and develop.


Why we exist as an organisation 

Our purpose is helping people and the organisations they work for reach their potential for their customers, themselves and the planet.

How we are different


We are experts at helping organisations amplify their customer's experience and organisational performance to truly make a difference for profit, people and the planet.


We are associated with SA Partners, one of the founders of Lean and Enterprise Excellence. Together we write, train, and coach on best practices across the whole organisation. We are proud to be linked with Cardiff and Utah state universities. Through this association we provide LERC (Lean Enterprise Resource Centre) and Shingo Institute certified training and assessments respectively.


Our Vision


Our vision is to help people and organisations amplify their purpose and performance, finding their synergy for growth. We are going to use every suitable medium possible to educate, coach and support people on their excellence journey's to deliver greater value for customers, themselves and the planet. 

Our Values 


These are the values that we live by and define us.  As a customer or you can count on these when considering working with us.


  1. Respect for every individual

  2. Respect for the environment

  3. Determination 

  4. Continuous improvement

  5. Collaboration and alignment

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