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Harnessing Digital Disruption

A Free Enterprise Excellence Community Event with Pascal Dennis & Laurent Simon

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Presented by Pascal Dennis & Laurent Simon,
Authors of the book "Harnessing Digital Disruption, how companies win with Design Thinking, Agile and Lean Startup".

This topic is timely, considering these uncertain times and the rapid digital and virtual advancements we are experiencing.

It will go ahead on Thursday August 18th, 2022 at 7.30 am AEST

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Enterprise Excellence Podcast 
Two Minute Tips with Pascal & Laurent

Laurent Simon

is one of the leaders of Datacom’s Advisory and the co-founder of Digital Pathways.

Laurent is a recognised thought leader in Agile Transformation and Digital Innovation.

Since 2003, Laurent and his team have supported Financial Institutions, ICT fi rms and Government Agencies in

1) Protecting their core business with better digital experiences,

2) Igniting new sources of growth with new digital offerings or ventures.

Active contributor to the APAC startup ecosystem, he runs, the Open Collaboration platform hosted by INSEAD business school.

Laurent loves anything outdoors: hiking, sailing, skydiving, skiing, rafting... After six years in Singapore, he now lives in Auckland with his wife Eiko-san.

Pascal Dennis

is a professional engineer, author and executive coach.

Pascal is the President of Lean Pathways and co-founder of Digital Pathways, a firm focused on harnessing technology to enable Digital Transformation.

Since 2000 Pascal and his team have supported leading international firms in a broad range of industries including automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, energy, health care and financial services.

He has authored six books and is a four-time winner of the Shingo Prize for Excellence. Pascal plays guitar and piano and is a dedicated songwriter and performer. He lives in Toronto with his wife Pamela.

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In this community event we will cover


“If you have spent any notable time trying to make your organisational community stronger for tomorrow through Enterprise excellence, you probably know all to well it can be like swimming upstream. Sometimes the current seems to overpower all your efforts to progress, and then other times a burst of success seems to flow.  It is a daunting and thankless pursuit, often one can and will feel alone in the quest, questioning “is the squeeze worth the juice?”. Not only has the Enterprise academy reinforced the system side of this pursuit for me, the community element has been a wonderful missing part of the journey. I have found others who are just as committed to pursue excellence and in them found inspiration and the knowledge we are all going through this together. With the world-class experts sharing their time and wisdom, the swim is much more enjoyable and seems more achievable. Thanks to Brad and Em for driving this most valuable initiative.”

Andy Hecke, Technical Operations Manager, Matthews Australia

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