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Leading Bottom Up Improvement with GM of Pooling Ops, Viscount Reuse Trevor Gray.
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Thursday 18 July, 2024
7.30-8.30am AEST

Increase efficiency and lower your carbon footprint with world class materials handling and asset pooling solutions.

Thursday 18 July, 2024
7.30-8.30am AEST


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Meet the GM of Viscount, Trevor Gray. Trevor has over 25 years experience in Excellence with SAB Miller.

Be inspired when you see how Trevor is involved with improving with engaging the front line. 

When? Thursday June 20, 2024 at 7.30am AEST

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Working as one, our Packaging, Reuse and Recycling divisions make us a company that operates across the whole Circular Economy.

Completely closing the loop, guarantees consistent supply and integration of food-grade and non-food grade recycled local resin across all industry sectors.

Through advanced polymer science and innovation, high-quality local recycled content is also making a real difference to millions of people’s lives – every day. From major supermarkets to FMCG’s, many of the world’s most respected brands now count us as their local sustainability partner.

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