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The Individual Time Assessment is an excel spreadsheet that you can use to note down all of your tasks over one or two days.



1. Download the individual time assessment spreadsheet.
2. Print out the Data capture sheets to fill out manually or have the spreadsheet open on your computer.

3. Note over a day or two (At least a few hours) each task you perform and how long it takes.

4. Note down tasks using the same naming convention.
5. At the end of the analysis or as you enter each task note its value category. VA = Value Add (The task is valuable towards your goals or customers. NVA = Non-Value Add (The task is not valuable). NNVA = Necessary Non-Value Add (The task is not value add but I need to do it because of legislation etc).

6. Check the report page. Refresh data and see where your time is going and its value.



It is important not to be disgruntled about the amount of non-value-add time in your report. This is the opportunity! The Task analysis Pareto Chart is essential. It will tell you where most of your time is going. Look for the most significant non-value add or necessary non-value add bars. If you impact these bars, you gain back lots of time quickly. When looking at these large non-value add bars (Waste), it is crucial to consider the ease of reducing or eliminating them. Ask yourself three questions:


1. What can I stop doing now?
2. What can I outsource, get out of my team, and potentially outsource the task to a third party?
3. What can I run a rapid improvement on to make the process simpler and quicker? This is particularly important for NNVA items.


Refer to the PDF workbook, TOP-01 for further instruction.



TOP-02 Individual Time Assessment

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