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#93 & 94 Scott Coplan – The Integrator, A change management framework for Agile IT Project Success

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Welcome to Episode 93 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. It is such a pleasure to have Mr Scott Coplan on the show with us today. Scott is an organisational change, Agile IT and project management expert. He has taught in project management at the University of Washington. Scott is the author of the new book “The Integrator, A Change Management Framework for Achieving Agile IT Project Success. Let’s get into the episode. Scott thank you so much for joining us today.

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So that's where leadership from the top to the bottom, and notice, it isn't a single individual. It's a team. And it's a chain or group of the at hierarchical that starts at the top, and you work your way through all the way down. And you have to keep saying the same message, the same trust, the same input methods. And that collection of understandings is brewed through that process. So that's my story of leadership.

The Medical Director shows up, like a week after the implementation, it's very successful. And he comes in with a sheet cake, and a stack of plates and a knife, and plastic forks and napkins. There's no HR and come with him and Public Affairs didn't come with him. He just showed up, he did it himself. And he goes around and cuts a slice of cake and goes over to each call taker. hands it to them, shakes their hand and says thank you. There, we couldn't have done it without his walk in the walk. He's talking the talk. And boy, is he showing gratitude. And 10 years later, people still talk about it.

Two Minute Tip

From an individual or from an organisational standpoint, how do we get to be better at understanding each other? It really literally comes down to the idea of saying, sense-making, again, another person? And how do I build in a sense of connection to that person so that they feel a sense of trust to communicate what it is that's going on in their mind?

Whether it's root cause analysis... sounds so technical, but it literally gets into that trust level. So, we've got to be able to take minimal chances with each other and have the outcome be not hit on the side of the head for it. So if I meet with you as your superior and I've set up an environment where I'm going to meet with everyone and as the senior manager of this group, and I'm going to point out that once a week, we're going to have 15 minutes just to hear what's going on.

So, as an example, my son, he's coming out of law school and he's getting a job and he was telling me about this law firm where the senior partner meets with every... it's not a very large firm, but it was it was large enough, whatever the number. 50 people? He meets with everybody, like every two weeks to just find out what's happening. And I was just like, that's a perfect example.

Key Takeaways

1. Leadership dialogue.

Throughout the episode I really picked up on the importance of leaders being inquisitive, leaders taking the time to understand their people understand their purpose and beliefs and how these align or not to the organisation's leaders entering a dialogue with people when challenges arise, working to understand deeply what is causing the challenge and helping people to overcome that challenge.

2. Cascading storytelling and purposeful vision and how these two connect.

A good vision is a story it describes visually and emotionally. The next destination we're heading towards and why I love the conversation with Scott on cascading this purposeful vision, helping teams and people connect in their own language linking their purpose and vision for the future with the organisation's thanks again for your time analogy Scott. Thanks for helping us create a better future. Bye for now.


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