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#87 and #88 Dirk Crouse – Hoshin Kanri the C Suite & Culture.

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Welcome to Episode 87 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. It is such a pleasure to have Mr Dirk Crouse on the show with us today. Dirk is a specialist in Enterprise Excellence who inspired me early on in my career. He is a specialist in Strategy – Hoshin Kanri, Lean, Leadership and Enterprise Excellence. Dirk is on the show today to discuss Hoshin Kanri, the C suite and Culture. Let’s get into the episode.

Two Minute Tip

I would say that the first thing you should, we should realise is that without the C suite, we won't change a culture. You can impact it, but whether you can change it? No. So if you really want success and lasting success, that's the first port of call. Yeah, I know, many, many of us have had the experience that once you get to a company, the expectation is to be to just get this done. And maybe you've already inherited a system. What I'm saying the best starting point is to start right at the top. If you cannot get through there, you may as well not start at all.

Yeah, you go and find the next challenge. Yeah, go and find the next challenge because that's where you will get success. And that's where you will leave a lasting legacy for the company. And a competitive advantage. Because once a company is on that roll, it becomes very hard to stop. It takes some time, though. It is not something that's done in two or three years. And the longer it can run, the better, the more ingrained it becomes. That's the whole purpose of the whole Kata system to get the routine going and people to have the discipline, develop the discipline. Because once they apply the discipline and see the results, it becomes very hard to turn around.


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