#86 William Halal, "Beyond Knowledge”, How technology is driving an age of consciousness.

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Welcome to episode 86 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. Today we have Prof William Halal on the show with us. William is Professor Emeritus of Management, Technology and Innovation at George Washington University. He has worked with many of our largest organisations globally in the fields of technology and consciousness. Prof Halal has just released his new book “Beyond Knowledge”, How technology is driving an age of consciousness. I am looking forward to exploring this highly relevant topic, let’s get into the episode. Prof Halal thank you for joining us today.

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Two Minute Tip

Well, I think business leaders have an enormous opportunity to, redefine the way their organisations work, for their own benefit. Not asking them to make sacrifices, they could become real leaders, instead of people who hold power as servant leaders, they can define themselves as people who serve the needs of all their stakeholders, including their investors. That's a viable position. That's a position you can defend honourably, morally, and if you did that you would get you would gain power, people would give you power, because you then become legitimate, you can become a hero. And I think businesspeople are the prime candidates to lead the world out of this mess that we're in. So, I would suggest that business, people should think carefully about how they could redefine their role to serve themselves and their nations and the world a lot better.


William, you've just taken the whole concept of servant leadership to a whole new level for me.


Thank you, Brad.


Thank you. That was an insight. You know, I'm building a course right now with an agile organisation, Jeff Sutherland and his team. They're they're involved in Agile, which is yeah, a big story. But you know, servant leadership. We're so focused on serve your employees, serve your team, serve your customers. Yeah. But it applies to society and the planet, just the same thing. Just serve that. And yeah, that is brilliant.


I was close to the, the former president of General Motors, Saturn division, Richard G. "Skip" LeFauve. He was a leader. He was a progressive guy. He was the first major corporate executive, at least in the United States, to embrace the idea of democratic enterprise. That's what I call a democratic enterprise. And he was brilliant at it. That man was revered by the people who worked for him and the suppliers and, and the union people and city officials. He was revered, because he was a real leader. He was a real leader.


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William is available on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/william-halal/

The website mentioned by Bill: https://www.billhalal.com/blog/beyond-knowledge-how-technology-is-driving-an-age-of-consciousness/

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