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#84 Chris Butterworth, Why Bother to assess your continuous improvement culture, part 1.

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Welcome to episode 84 of the Enterprise Excellence Podcast. I am so pleased to welcome back Mr Chris Butterworth, one of our world's leaders in creating a sustainable continuous improvement culture. Today we talk about Chris’s new book in partnership with Peter Hines, and Morgan Jones called Why Bother, Why and how to assess your continuous improvement culture.


09:36min So when we want to make that change, what do we sit down to say, Okay, well, what are the ideal behaviours that we want as a consequence? In fact, even before that, do we say, what's the purpose we're trying to achieve here with this change? And what's the purpose of this system? When we're clear on the purpose of the improvement or the system, we can then say, well, what are the ideal behaviours that we are looking for that will deliver that purpose? And when we clear our knowledge, then we can make sure we design the system that supports them. Now, will we get it right all the time? Probably not 100% right. Again, that's why we need to assess ourselves. Okay, well, we thought that that would drive X behaviour. It hasn't. Why not? Or it's not quite what we were looking for. Why not? What do we need to adjust in the system to get the behaviours closer to ideal? That's what we're assessing.


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