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Business Plan


Gaining, growing and retaining great employees 


What's the problem?

Only 23% of the global workforce is engaged. (Gallup, 2023)


What's the Goal?


Customer and employee satisfaction increased by over 100%, and growth and profitability improved year on year by over 20%. The largest result of engaging front-line teams in a focused structure is the productivity improvements achieved in best practice project execution, which can increase productivity by over 10X (Sutherland, 20019).

Want enhanced employee engagement, retention and results?

Gaining, growing and retaining great employees is an important part of organisational success now, as it always has been. Our world's leading organisations, from restaurants to technology companies, are highly focused in this area. The problem comes if we are not. The result of lower capability in this area is disengaged employees, people under pressure trying to keep up, and many problems being solved slowly and poorly. Employee Experience & Journey Mapping can provide us with knowledge and insights to help navigate these issues and improve our capabilities in enhancing our employees' experience and journey. It is truly needed to help solve the largest problems we face now and will be in the future. 

Employee Expereience and Journey.png

By the end of this event you will have:

  1. An employee experience and journey map for current state, ideal state and future state.

  2. Up to 3 critical process deep dives covering current and future state.

  3. Defined the few critical projects to execute to enhance your employee experience and journey.

  4. A future state map/vision for each project.

  5. An aligned, cross functional team bought into making these projects a reality.

6 Steps to unlock your employee's potential

Why us?

Proven Trainers

Our trainers are high level business people, are energetic, engaging & trustworthy.


They WILL TAILOR the process to your exact requirements.

Proven Process

We train to a process to align an organisation on understanding their employee's experience & journey, and to build an ideal future state.


We help you bridge the knowing doing gap.

Support to Achieve

This is one of many best practice business courses that the Enterprise Excellence Academy can offer.

We can support you with project planning, and coaching to keep the future state on track.

Train the Trainer

Best training practice for an organisation's employees is to have their own leaders become their trainer.

We offer "Train the Trainer"  where a leader can become certified  to run these events ongoing in house.

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